7 Things You Shouldn’t Do to a Car With an Automatic Transmission

Automatic Transmission

A blessing, especially for beginners, is automatic transmissions. Simple, quick, there are no nerves! But still, many drivers are found guilty of wrongly using them. As basic as it might seem, the automatic transmission may be ruined by some bad habits. And you’ll find yourself having to replace parts to repair it until it gets broken.

We care about your well-being at King Road Autos Repairing and have gathered some driving tips that will help maintain your automatic transmission in good shape.

Do you drive an automatic transmission vehicle? The interface of automatic vehicles is also easier, and a seemingly unruly stick shift and clutch do not have to deal with new drivers. But some ways you can fuck up your transmission are still there.

Here are seven of the most dangerous errors that can be made while driving an automatic.

1. If you’re just sitting in the car for a long time, don’t leave it on “drive.”

When you’re just sitting in the car for a very long time, leaving your car in ‘drive’ will seriously kill your automatic transmission due to overheating. It’s safer to just shut the car off in this situation, or at least put it in a “park.”

2.  Don’t move your car to “reverse” from “run” until it stops moving.

It is not only not safe to play around with your engine, speeding with your adrenaline flowing through traffic, but it is also not good for your transmission.

Stop first, then overturn the car! Instead of just letting the brakes do their work, driving recklessly puts a lot of pressure on your transmission.

3. When going downhill, do not engage the neutral gear.

Maybe you think it’s going to save gas for you. Yet the reverse is happening! It literally puts you in danger by putting your car in neutral while driving downhill. This decreases your ability to drive the car and we are assured that this is the last thing you want.

In addition, it is damaging to your transmission, which can cost a lot to fix.

4. When stuck in traffic or when waiting for a green light, do not activate the neutral gear.

Everybody faces traffic delays in major cities. And this time and money is super irritating to waste. But it is also a major mistake because if you use the neutral gear, it can cause additional harm to your transmission. If you think you are saving gasoline, it’s not going to save you money.

You don’t have much leverage over the car when it is in “neutral” and you can’t maneuver easily.

Hold on to the engine, your car on a “run,” and your foot on the brake.

5. Until the car stops full, don’t drive into “Park”.

Some cars won’t even let this happen to you. And if you do, the locking pin that’s used to prevent your transmission from running may be damaged or destroyed. This is very detrimental to transmission. But if you need a parking spot, don’t hurry up, stop the car and place it in the “park.”

You should note that “Park” was built to prevent the vehicle from moving forward, but not to stop the vehicle from moving.

6. Don’t let the transmission get water in.

Be vigilant about liquids! We are sincerely sorry if somehow water has gotten into your car’s transmission. The need to replace the transmission will lead to even the slightest amount of water.

7. Stop leaving the gas tank at a low level.

Your tank should be held no less than 1/4 full. And for this, there are a variety of reasons: First, the fuel gauge isn’t always reliable, and your car could just stop sooner than you expected.

Second, since fuel holds all the information lubricated, the low level of gas will damage your vehicle. This is particularly important for cars with an automatic gearbox.

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