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King auto is something which will keep your vehicle in perfect condition Now we introduce something new to saving you money also: apart from helping you save with brake specials and auto repair deals, we aim to provide you with the highest quality repairs, keeping you on the road for longer.
When you visit our state-of-the-art auto garage located in Muhaisnah at Al Qhusais, our expert technicians will conduct an accurate & comprehensive diagnosis of your vehicle using the latest computerized testing & diagnostic tools, in sync with your car’s manufacturing specifications. We provide a complete report of required repairs/services along with the quote.

King Road Autos Repairing Coupons & Deals – Save with our coupons and deals below.

Save Up to 40% OFF on Your Oil Change with Pre-paid Lube Service. King Road Autos in Partnership with Total Quartz Engine Oil.
We have a checklist for pre-paid service silver it includes 15 checks for your vehicle

  •  Replace Engine Oil and Filter ( Oil Total Quartz, Filter OEM )
  • Check & Clean Engine Air Filter
  • Check & Clean AC Filter
  • Check Drive Belts
  • Check Cooling & Heating System Hoses and Connections
  • Check AC Gas
  • Check Battery Electrolyte Level and Voltage
  • Check Fuel System Hoses and Connections
  • Check Brakes Conditions
  • Check Brake Fluid & Top Up
  • Check Coolant Level & Top Up
  • Check Power Steering Fluid and Top Up
  • Check Electrical System, Lights, Horns, Wiper Blades
  • Check Tyre Condition and Pressure
  • Check Suspension and Under Body

Benefits of Pre-Paid Lube Service Silver

Save up to 40% off money oil change and get special discounts on other repairs and maintenance up to 40% on Labour and up to 20% on parts
Get a complete free checkup of your vehicle and top up of necessary fluids
24/7 Emergency technical support
Dedicated and exclusive point of contact for immediate assistance
Reports and service history can be submitted as required and increase your vehicle’s resale value

Free sanitization for your first service

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Terms and Conditions apply

  •  The scope of work covered by the pre-paid lube service silver is mentioned behind the coupons. Each coupon would have to be surrendered at the time of lube service.
  • Silver Lube service covered up to 25,000 km or 3 years, 4 paid service, and one free service.
  • Consumables and parts: Engine oil Total Quarts, Filter OEM.
  • Any repairs/additional jobs other than that mentioned in the job description would be charged extra
  • Payment in advance cash or cheque under the Name of King Road Autos Repairing
  • VAT is applicable for this Silver as per UAE federal law in addition to the package price.
  • If the silver booklet is lost or damaged, it may be replaced by King Road only on the produce of Original invoice and Receipt issued at the time of purchasing the booklet.
  • If the vehicle declared a total loss by the insurance company, the difference amount of silver eligible for a refund after deducting AED 20/- as a service charge.
  • In case of selling the vehicle difference amount of silver is eligible to transfer to a new customer or refund after deducting Aed 20/- as service charge.
  • Service Interval every 5,000 km or six months whichever is earlier
  • The validity of prepaid lube service Silver is 50,000 km from the odometer reading at the start of the contract or 3 years from the date of start of the contract


So hurry up and get your sliver plus card today itself !!

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