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Accident & Collision Repair in Muhaisnah,Al Qusais,Dubai

King Road Autos Repairing uses the world’s most advanced Car-O-Liner Alignment & Straightening Bench System for precision diagnosis and repair of collision-damaged automobiles & heavy vehicles. Offering the best collision repair solution in the market, using Car-O-Liner, 3D measuring systems, frame pulling equipments, recalibration & testing solutions, we ensure speedy repair process and perfect results.

Getting your vehicle back to the high performing, smooth functioning, efficient beast it was before the accident is priority, and there is nothing that can restore your peace of mind at this time as a reliable & highly trusted automobile workshop like King Road Autos Repairing, which specializes in Accident & Collision repair.

Paintless Dent & Ding Repair

Our expert dent repair technicians provide best-in-town Paintless Dent Removal service at the most affordable price in Dubai. Whether it’s a door ding from a parking lot incident or a small accident, we remove the dent without touching or causing impact to your original car paint. Our experienced technicians use specialty hand tools and remove the dent from the backside, without causing any impairment or damage to your car paint or exterior, ensuring your car’s value is intact.

All at highly competitive pricing, and in under 30 minutes!

Car Dent & Scratch Removal

Be it a dent on your car’s bumper or scratches on the car door, we fix the problem via our full range of Dent Repair & Painting solutions (Dent & Scratch Removal, Bumper Fixing, Paint Restorations & Car Polishing).

Our high-speed, cost-effective Dent Removal, Paint touch-up & 3M Polishing services using advanced technology & equipments, conducted by certified & highly experienced technicians, leaving you with a vehicle as good as new.

Limited Time Offer - Get 1 Panel Dent Removal & Paint Restoration for Dhs. 189 (Sedan & Hatch-back) and Dhs. 239 (SUVs & Four-Wheel Drives)

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