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Auto AC Repair & Servicing in Muhaisnah,Al Qusais,Dubai

In the hot Dubai weather, a perfectly functioning AC becomes the basis of an enjoyable drive. But often, especially in the summer, your car AC tends to give up on you or stops cooling to the required level.

Our expert AC service technicians at King Road Autos Repairing conducts thorough check of the AC system to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair/replace AC parts & refrigerant. Our international service standards mean we use high-quality, (only) genuine parts as replacements, ensuring long-lasting results.

Further, we perform thorough cleaning and sanitization treatment of your AC system to ensure complete removal of any prevalent harmful disease-causing bacteria and virus.

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Auto Electrical Services

Have a dead battery? Misfiring starter or alternator?

Your car's electrical system is among the most crucial aspects for the smooth, problem-free functioning of your vehicle. Whether your trouble is caused by an old battery that needs replacement or malfunctioning computer systems that control the safety & security features like automatic braking ABS system, tire pressure monitors, ignition control systems, lighting systems or AC, our team of auto-electricians will diagnose the issue(s) accurately using the most advanced diagnostic tools & gathering vehicle data.

Depending on your car's specific electrical system based on your vehicle's make & model, our team of expert technicians can repair and rectify the diagnosed problems and get your car back to perfection in no time.

Our Auto Electrical Services include:

  • Health-check & Servicing Electrical Systems
  • Complete safety analysis
  • Computer diagnosing
  • AC Servicing

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