Important Car Maintenance Tips

Anyone who owns a car should know how to maintain it throughout its life cycle. Many people often fail to maintain their vehicle, which in turn affects their performance. A well-maintained car always performs its best and enhances the safety of its user, passengers, and even co-drivers.

Maintaining your vehicle with timely service and checks will not only boost its performance but also increase its resale value. So let us look into the best five car care tips to maintain your dream car.

1. Tyre Pressure

Always make sure the inflation pressure of your car tyre is within the recommended parameters. A regular check on the car tyre is one of the easiest ways to save money on fuel. It also ensures safety and security for you as well as for others. It is surprising to see the pressure variation every time we check the tyre pressure. So it is always recommended to check the tyre pressure every month, if not every week.

2. Car Engine

If you wish to have those flawless rides to stay longer, you must keep track of your engine oil. The engine oil lubricates the friction of moving parts of your car and helps in a smooth drive. So always make it a point to check the engine oil every month and do the topping up if needed. Be careful while choosing the oil! Never compromise on the quality of the oil that you use. It helps in increasing the lifespan of your car engine.

3. Fluid Check

Apart from the engine oil, many other car parts require regular checks for fluids. Coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid coolant, and washer fluids are the important fluids used in cars. Make sure all these are checked and filled regularly since this keeps your car in a pristine condition for a longer time.

4. Clean Air filter

Cleaning the air filters is a simple task, yet most ignored one. Though, this simple routine is not going to make a big difference in the performance of your car but helps the engine of your car to perform better. The air accumulated on the air filter can hinder the efficiency of the car engine. Thus a clean air filter helps in optimizing the car’s performance.

5. Maintenance Schedule

It is a must-follow thing when it comes to your car care tips. Always follow the maintenance schedule recommended by the car manufacturer. It not only saves your time and money but also helps in extending the performance life of your car dramatically. A regular maintenance schedule betters you to avoid unexpected breakdowns and car repairs.

Last but not least, always clean the exterior and interior of your car. You should at least clean weekly and do regular service to keep your car in good condition. Most importantly, find trusted and professional technicians like the service provided by Kingroad Autos Repairing to cater requirements of any make or model car.

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