#14 tips for night drives, pay attention to this for a safe drive

It’s dark you can’t see anything you are tied and any street or headlight coming your way feels like it’s ten times too bright, Yep driving at night really dos test your might but its no laughing matter being behinds the wheel at night is a lot riskier than during the day since it’s  not like you can restrict yourself to only daytime trips its best follow these tips so that you can safe out there on the roads.

#14 Keep a safe distances

                Not keeping enough distances is never a good idea but at night and bad weather it’s especially important to leave a enough space between your car and the one head of you. Most expert recommend following the four second rule at night.

#13 Don’t look at light from oncoming cars

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                The best thing you can do is to stay alert and don’t let yourself get distracted by moving your eyes away if the driver behinds you hasn’t adjusted their headlights appropriately or if they are following too close and their lights are blinding you just stay clam and if possible adjust the mirror so that their light doesn’t hit your eyes.

#12 Clean and adjust your mirrors

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                You need to always keep your mirrors clean their position is also key it’s best point them down a hit so that you have to tilt your head slightly forward to see the cars behinds you also if your rear view mirror doesn’t have an auto dimming feature then you need to push the little night mode tab a the bottom in order to dim the light from cars behind you just don’t forget to pull it again when the sun’s out

#11 Adjust and polish your headlights

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                This is the first thing to check before driving at night especially for long trips. Your headlights angled perfectly but still shinning too dimly that usually happens because of dirt and dust the best solution would be buy a headlight polisher and don’t forget to clean them regularly during your trip whenever you stop to rest on.

#10 Stop periodically for light snacks or a nap

                Do take time for stops during your trip you need to stay vigilant besides driving is really strenuous on your eyes so the get tied really fast your body needs break to try some stretching to relax that get stiff from being in the same position for long

#9 Avoid two line highways

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                Two line highways usually have sharper curves and more hills and freeways add to this lower light and almost glare from coming cars so choose a safer route if you can

#8 use the fog light even if its no foggy

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                Use Fog light in combination with low or high beams, Just make sure that you don’t blind other drivers.

#7 Look out for animals

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                Collisions with deer often happen at night are more common than you think but your high beams can help you spot the animals

#6 Drive only in glass with anti reflective lenses

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                Drive only with glass with anti reflective lenses if you wear glass you gotten special pair glass for night drive because ordinary glass reflect oncoming lights and create an obscuring glare that reduce your vision

#5 Don’t drive alone

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                Take passenger with you this will help you to stay awake and fatigue at bay just don’t ge into any heated debated or in prompt to karaoke completions this might be distract you from road

#4 minimize the brightness on your dashboard

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                If you drive with maximum brightness it take your eye much longer to adjust to the poorly lit road infract of you when you look at from dash

#3  Use GPS

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                GPS id a life saver it give you better road awareness in low visibility conditions at night and especially during bad whether night a GPS will show you an upcoming turn or exit before you can see

#2 Be careful when passing over sized vehicles

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                If you see colorfully or flashing lights ahead it means that there is  either a road service vehicle or a semi on the road big vehicles carry heavy loads are really tricky if you decide to pass them because they can turn out to be longer than you expected so do it only well lit area

#1 Don’t drive at high speed

                Lot of accident happen in night just because we don’t follow this rule. Just because there  not that much traffic on road doesn’t means speeding up is good idea stay with in the speed limit or better yet go even slower in night

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