Useful tips to keep your car A/C cool during this summer season in Dubai

Imagine while travelling in your car, if the A/C doesn’t work and it’s too hot to slide down your windows and that too in Dubai, where the summers are hot and surviving without an air conditioner in your vehicle is out of the question!

A car A/C system when properly maintained provides a cool, pleasant, dust and humid-free environment. Several factors contribute to the malfunctioning of the car A/C system. Let’s check what are the factors that affect the smooth working of a car’s A/C system.

The top 5 common factors that disturb the AC cooling in your vehicles are as follows:

Leaking refrigerant

A car refrigerant leak is not part-specific, it can occur in any part of the car. One of the most common regions is A/C unit hose connections, even if oil accumulates around their corners, it may cause a leak. Don’t worry when we have the best car AC repairs done in Dubai.

Broken/clogged condenser

Car AC’s hot refrigerant is compressed and cooled by the condenser. While driving, the condenser uses airflow that enters through the front side of the car for cooling.

The working of the car AC will be overheated if the condenser gets clogged due to dust or debris, as no cooling is facilitated.

A puncture in the condenser due to debris leads to a poor cooling system.

The above-mentioned issues ultimately cause hot air to be expelled within the car.

If you experience any of these, get your condenser replaced by expert Car AC servicing in Dubai.

Electrical problems

Dial our nearest car AC services in Dubai for electrical issues that you face in your favorite car. A car AC diagnosis can help to sort out an electrical issue or pinpoint damaged or broken wires that are invisible and rectify the malfunctioning of your car AC.

Faulty cooling fans

If the condenser’s fan is not functioning properly, then the quality of cool air blown outside to the passengers in the car is badly affected. This could occur due to various reasons like cracking of the fan by debris, blown fuses, or other electrical issues. Get your car issues fixed at our car workshop in Dubai.

Bad compressor

Are you concerned about the compressor’s working condition? Ring us for a free test and easy repairs, and we fix it at the best prices possible as a bad compressor can ruin your air conditioner and ruin your perfect trip with your family and friends.

What are you waiting for? Get the best car AC services and repairs done on our nearest car workshop in Dubai at the best prices.

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